HomeGuard Drainage Wrap HP Plus Housewrap

HomeGuard Drainage Wrap HP Plus Housewrap proves to be an excellent, versatile, high-performance solution.


The average household creates three to six GALLONS of moisture every day from cooking, showering, even breathing. Moisture as a water vapor must be able to escape the wall cavities of a building before becoming condensation. If condensation is allowed to form in the wall cavities mold, rot, or rust could develop.

HomeGuard Drainage Wrap HP Plus housewrap is moisture vapor permeable. Water as a vapor is able to escape before condensing into liquid water. This allows the wall cavity to dry completely. When tested for Water Vapor Transmission Rate (ASTME-96A and ASTME-96B) HomeGuardDrainage Wrap HP Plus housewrap surpassed the ICC-AC38 specifications.

Air Resistance

HomeGuard Drainage Wrap Plus housewrap meets or exceeds the ABAA, ASHRAE and IECC criteria for Air Barriers. An air barrier controls the unintended movement of air into and out of a building enclosure. Air barriers protect the building envelope from drafts, leakage of interior air that has been heated or cooled, and infiltration of pollutants or smells.  For more information about air barriers visit:
ABAA website (www.airbarrier.org)
ASHRAE (www.ashrae.org)
IECC (http://www.iccsafe.org)

To be defined as an air barrier material the air permeance must be equal to or less than 0.004 cubic feet per minute per square foot under a pressure differential of 0.3inches water or 1.57 pounds per square foot when tested according to ASTM E 2178, and a vapor permeance of 0.1 perms or less when tested according to ASTM E 96.

HomeGuard Drainage Wrap HP Plus is rated at less than 0.001 cubic feet per minute per square foot.

Water Resistance

Water resistance and air resistance are the most crucial performance requirements of a housewrap system. As a water or weather resistive barrier HomeGuard Drainage Wrap HP Plus Housewrap protects the outer wall structure against water damage. During the building process, before the exterior cladding goes on the walls, housewrap must protect against obvious weather exposure. After the siding, brick or stucco is up however, the water resistant barrier must continue to protect against water that may penetrate the exterior cladding.

HomeGuard Drainage Wrap HP Plus housewrap works in two very important ways to protect the exterior wall system. First it is water resistant. Far surpassing the ICC-AC38 standards for water resistance HomeGuard Drainage Wrap HP Plus is as good or better than name brand home or commercial housewrap products.  Secondly, vertical grooves on the surface of the material allow water to drain away.  HomeGuard Drainage Wrap HP Plus passes the Drainage Efficiency Test in accordance with section 4.10 of ICC ES AC235.


HomeGuard Drainage Wrap HP Plus Housewrap is specified and approved for use behind several types of exterior cladding:
•    EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems)
•    Cement Stucco (Traditional 3-Coat and Thinwall)
•    Synthetic Stucco Systems
•    Cement, hardboard, vinyl and wood siding
•    Brick and stone veneer

HomeGuard Drainage Wrap HP Plus housewrap passes the toughest tests to rate as a commercial grade product. Other name brand competitors offer separate commercial grade products at a much higher price while HomeGuard Drainage Wrap HP Plus offers commercial grade quality at a lower than commercial grade price, with low minimum order requirements.

Special Features

HomeGuard Drainage Wrap HP Plus has other benefits over the competition.
•    Translucent allow a clear view of the application surface underneath
•    Contains special ultra violet stabilizers and is UV resistant for up to 120 days
•    Tough and durable to withstand harsh jobsite conditions
•    Available in multiple sizes
•    Available in low minimum order quantities
•    Custom Logo Printing on 9’ and 10’ material with 40” x 30” print area, multiple colors to choose from, and with a two-color logo option

HomeGuard Drainage Wrap HP Plus Roll Sizes And Quantities:


Roll Size    Minimum Quantity

3’ X 100’    180
3’ X 150’    150
3’ X 195’    120
4.5’ X 100’    120
4.5’ X 150’    100
4.5’ X 195’    80
9’ X 100’    60
9’ X 150’    50
9’ X 195’    40
10’ X 100’    60
10’ X 150’    50
10’ X 195’    40

Custom Imprinting Sample

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